We Are Change

We Are Change is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide who seek to expose the lies of governments and the corporate elite who constantly trash our humanity. At We Are Change, we know the importance of keeping those who fight tyranny well-fed, and we are also aware that having some food storage is going to be critical in the days ahead. For that reason, We Are Change has partnered with Food for Liberty to bring you a wide variety of some of the most delicious, GMO-Free, longest-lasting storable food on the market. Whether it is one of the packages prepared for We Are Change, or another high-quality selection, We Are Change and Food for Liberty are proud to support your patriotic efforts.

We Are Change
Even though you may need to fight tyranny in your own hometown, you still have to eat. So for those close-to-home events, We Are Change has partnered with Food for Liberty to provide the “Protest Pack.” With 6 servings of GMO-Free food, a package of Hormone-Free Milk and a Canteen Survival Kit (which includes about everything else), your all set for your day of protest.

Sometimes while fighting tyranny, you need to just dig-in and hold your ground. For those times, We Are Change and Food for Liberty have partnered to bring you the “Sit-in Pack.” The Sit-in pack includes everything in the Protest Pack, and more. With the Sit-in Pack, you get an additional 12 servings of delicious, GMO-Free food and a bottle of Nascent Iodine to maintain proper health. When you expect a long weekend of resistance, go equipped with the We Are Change “Sit-in Pack.”

Since tyranny manifests nationwide, sometimes one needs to travel far from home to take up the cause. With that in mind, We Are Change has partnered with Food for Liberty to offer those committed, truth-warriors the “Road-Trip Pack.” With the We Are Change “Road-Trip Pack,” you have all you need for you and a few friends to spend a week to 10 days spreading truth, no matter where it is needed. With a grab-n-go bucket, a bottle of Iodine, a survival canteen kit and 2 packages of hormone-free milk, the We Are Change “Road-Trip Pack” will give you peace of mind when far from home.