Triple Family Pack


420 Servings of the best storable food of its kind. This Family Mega-Pack will give you peace of mind in uncertain times. NuManna Foods will be there when you need them…tomorrow night or 30 years from now. As easy to fix and good as they taste, you just may not wait for an emergency.

What is in a Family Pack


The Triple Family Pack has become a favorite among our customers. A very good start of high quality food that actually tastes good and is easy to prepare. Our clients know the price of food is not going down anytime soon so they feel the Triple Family Pack is an easy choice to store food and protect their families from food inflation. By freezing your food prices with NuManna long-term storable foods you are not only protecting your stomach in an emergency but you are looking out for your pocket book as well.

This product contains 3 FAMILY PACKS.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs


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