Sample Pack


NuManna foods are hard to fully appreciate without tasting. The proof is in the Pudding. We now offer a 4 (four) recipe Sampler Pack. Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans and Rice, Granola and Sweet Habanero Chili.

Healthy Food storage with GMO-Free ingredients and great taste are rare. We know, we are one of the pioneers in the industry. Food storage that is Healthy and can get your kids excited about food storage…that's NuManna.


We have had so many requests to try our products we finally took your advice and now offer a 4 (four) Sample Pack. In this box you will receive 2 servings of Pasta Primavera, 2 servings of Enchilada Beans and Rice, 2 servings of Sweet Habanero Chili and 2 servings of Granola. The Enchilada Beans and Rice and Sweet Habanero Chili have no Wheat ingredients.

The best way to understand the quality of our product is to try it out for yourself. This is a special offer and limited to only one per household.


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