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Hormone-Free USDA Non-Fat Milk Powder 40 Serving Pouch


We have made it very easy to store and use a high quality milk product as part of your long term storage. Each bag is over 2 lbs of milk powder with a resealable top for convenience and to prevent spoilage. Preparation is simple—choose the amount of powder to the desired amount of water, stir vigorously and the milk mixes rather easily and tastes surprisingly like store bought milk you may be using now. In fact, it may be even better, because NuManna milk packs are all HORMONE-FREE and of the highest USDA standards.


Where does milk usually come from? Cows of course! And what kind of cow does NuManna powdered milk come from? A Happy Cow. Why are NuManna cows so Happy Because NuManna cows are not pumped full of Hormones. Unlike many other storable food companies all our powdered milk is Hormone-Free. And all our milk receives our proprietary bio-enhancement treatment and packaged correctly for long term storage before it is labeled NuManna Best.

Additional information

Shelf Life

10-15 years


40 servings


2.3 lbs


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