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Defender Nutritive Pack (Triple)


3 Defender Packs. A total of 612 servings of Prepper perfection. Nothing like it on the market.
What is in a Defender Pack


NuManna has made a name in a very competitive industry by creating choices like the Defender Nutritive Pack. From the first month we introduced it our discerning customers have chosen it. There really is nothing quite like it on the market today. The Defender Pack is rapidly catching up with our Family Pack in popularity as People become more and more aware of Super Foods and the value they will have to their families in an emergency.

Along with gaining in popularity we also received more and more calls to have larger packages at discounts to choose from. The Defender Nutritive Pack Triple is a result of your requests.

This package contains 3 DEFENDER NUTRITIVE PACKS

Additional information

Weight 78 lbs


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