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Caravan Package


Not that long ago wagon trains came across the plains loaded with provisions for the long journey ahead. In that spirit we offer the Caravan Package. For today or tomorrow you are set for quite awhile and for quite a few people. 36 Family Packs and 12 Defenders. Mixes well with other stores you might have or stands alone. It really is good enough to eat now and it stores well enough to be there when you need it 30 years from now. Independently Certified 100% GMO Free Great Tasting storable foods. Simply the best money can buy.

What is in a Family Pack What is in a Defender Pack


This is the largest Package we offer. For those who are looking for the biggest of supplies at the biggest discount we offer the CARAVAN PACKAGE. We may not transport things in covered wagons anymore but that does not mean we don’t need a large supply of stores on hand for what may come.

NuManna has worked very hard to be able to offer a quality package such as this you can rely on. We are obsessed with what we feed our children so you can have confidence in serving NuManna to yours. That isn’t just an ad slogan. It is who we are.

The CARAVAN PACKAGE contains the following:


We ship to any state in the Union and can arrange delivery to most foreign countries.

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Weight 1032 lbs


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