1728 Servings


When you really consider the rising cost of food, the uncertain times we live in, the unknown consequences of Genetically Modified and chemically filled food, then why wouldn't your family want a large supply of storable food for their health and security? Good enough to eat now, storable enough to be there well over 30 years for when you need it. Preparing well is its own reward. Prepare with NuManna.


This is High Quality Food you can enjoy tonight or 30 years from now. When you compare apples to apples you get exceptional value for what you pay for. NuManna is simply the best you can buy for your family. The 1728 Serving package includes 12 EZ Store Buckets.

Each bucket has a ridge on the bottom and top so they are designed to stack easily and securely. These 12 buckets can stack in about the size of a washing machine.

This Package contains 12 FAMILY PACKS

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Weight 240 lbs


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